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More than 200 years ago people who believed passionately that the Bible had something to say for the whole of humanity founded Bible Society. Today, they still share that vision. When we read the Bible, we find out more about God, more about ourselves and more about the world. That’s why they want to share it.
They invite people to discover the Bible’s message for themselves, even if they’ve never thought the Bible was for them. They want them to read it, be excited by it and find their lives changed by it.

Bible Society believe the Bible is God's gift to the world and they want everyone to discover its message for them.
Because of that, they translate the Bible and make it accessible in people's heart languages. They bring it into public spaces where its voice can be heard, for instance through the National Parliamentary Prayer Breakfast or The Pitch film fund. They tell its stories, for instance through the Open the Book programme with primary-age children. They encourage people who've never though the Bible was for them to explore it for themselves and see life through a different lens.

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Back in 1804, when their founders laid the foundations of Bible Society, they asked a question that would change the world. Affordable printed Bibles had just arrived for Welsh speakers, but why stop there? If for Wales, why not for the kingdom? And if for the kingdom, why not for the world?
As part of United Bible Societies, they are now active in over 200 countries and regions. Through their translation work, they make the Bible available in new spoken and signed languages, as well as revising existing Bibles to bring the language up to date. To meet the individual needs and demands of the millions wanting the Scriptures, their production facilities not only print physical copies but also produce visual, audio, and digital forms. Their distribution network takes the Bible to places it might otherwise be hard to come by, and they improve literacy by empowering people to read, using the Book as a reference.Bible Society 2
They also work to affirm the place of the Bible in society, challenging ill-informed thinking and demonstrating that the Bible can be a force for positive change in today’s world.

Here at St Margaret’s, we are proud to support the work Bible Society do, our mission representative is Madeleine MacCallum, so if you would like to find out more, please do not hesitate to contact her.