Pew News 9th October 2022

Welcome to St Margaret’s  
Our purpose is to know and share God’s transforming love with one another, our local community and the wider world.
9th October 2022
9th October
Theme: God loves a cheerful giver

8am   BCP Communion – on line
10am  Morning Worship
Readings: (with pages in pew bibles)
         1 Chronicles 29: 10-14(p. 416)
         2 Corinthians 9: 1-7 (p. 1099
Music: Band
16th October
Theme: Who is God’s anointed
8am   BCP Communion – on line
10am  Holy Communion
Readings: (with pages in pew bibles)
         1 Samuel 16: 7-13 (p.274)
         Luke 10: 25-37 (pp.983/4)
Music:     Organ
23rd October
Our Harvest Service, postponed because of the Queen’s funeral, is now on 23rd October.  This will be an All Together service and we hope many families will come and join us.  All contributions go to Loveworks, who need as much support as possible to help those in need locally.  They have sent a list of most needed items - a full list can be found on the notice boards. Start collecting items now!
6th November – 4 pm
Our annual Living with Loss service will be on 6th November at 4 pm.  At this service we thank God for those we have lost, both in the past year and earlier.  In due course a list will be up in the porch for anyone to add names of loved ones.
First Thursday in the month
There was no monthly communion service this month,but John Wates will  continue these services on first Thursday of each month as often as possible.  A traditional BCP Communion services is held in the chancel, followed by coffee and chat.  There is something very special about a quiet, intimate service in the chancel – do come and join us. The next one is on 3rd November at 11am.
There are always people happy to pray with or for you after 10am service. Please talk to one of the team who will be wearing blue lanyards marked Prayer Team.
after the service today

11.30 in the parish office 
For those interested in providing some company, food and warmth in the Orchard to anyone who wants it during December and January.   IDEAS WANTED.  If you're interested but cannot come today, get in touch with Nic Dodds or Steve Cheng-Whitehead. 
From Thursday 13th October
Our Southwark Pastoral Auxiliary, Claire Mills, will be running a training course for anyone interested in pastoral work, visiting or keeping in touch with those who need support.  There is no commitment to become part of a team but all are welcome to join the course.  It will start on Thursday 13th October in the Orchard 7 for 7.30pm - 6 sessions.  There will be an advert on Facebook.  Contact: Claire Mills
We are still looking for a new Hon. Treasurer.  Do you know someone able to take on this role?  Contact church warden or PCC member. 
Lorraine Fitzwater has done a superb job for several years, but is off for a stay with family in Australia.  We wish her well, but need a replacement in the meantime. Contact: Churchwardens 
More helpers required

Eammon, Fofo and a small team hope to resurrect this monthly gathering which was held in Hooley.  It will now be in the Orchard - details of dates/ time to follow.  However, more helpers are needed.  Contact: Churchwardens 
Contact Josh Askwith for details
Youth Drop-In (11-18 years old) 
Each Wednesday in term-time from 3:15-5:15pm in The Orchard.

Maggie’s Song: 9.30 – 11.15am
Every Friday in term time a music and movement group for under 5’s and parents/carers with play time for children and coffee for adults.
Junior Church (3-10 years old)
Ignite (11-14 years old)
Every Sunday morning at 10am. We meet to explore the Christian faith through playing, singing, praying, discussing, creating and learning
Youth (14-18)
Meet for fun, food and fellowship every other Sunday 6:30-8:30pm during term-time, and other times in the holidays. 
30th October
For the last few years we have organised a “Messy Light Party” as an alternative to Halloween.   This will be held on Sunday 30th October in the afternoon.   Timing details to follow. Please contact Josh Askwith for further details.

Rev. John Wates, Hon Curate          01737 557550 
Josh Askwith                                 07464 925591       
Tom Sanderson Lifegroup co-ordinator 07914 855613 
Admin office                                 01737 552160     
Sally Bowes                                   01737 554511   
Jenny Smith                                   01737 556317   

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