Life Groups


What is a Life Group?

A group of between 8-12 people who meet on a regular basis to pray, read the Bible, support each other and share life together. 

Why do we have Life Groups?

Our mission statement is:

Living for God....

Life Groups help us to know and share God's transforming love.

Living together....

Life Groups offer friendship: a place to be ourselves, to support and be committed to each other and to grow in faith, hope and love.  They are a place where we expect to be changed by God.

Living in the World....

As a result, Life Groups serve the church family and equip and encourage group members as distinctive followers of Jesus in the wider world.

Is this for me?

Everyone at St Margaret’s is encouraged to join a Life Group.  As our church grows in size, we need to be intentional in nurturing deep and strengthening relationships.  Life Groups are one of the main ways we look after each other!

Which Group?

September sees the start of the new term for Life Groups. Most of them meet weekly in the evenings, as well as one daytime group. It’s a great way to study the bible together, pray for and support one another.  

For a little more information on each of our Life Groups please click here.

If you would like to join one, please get in touch with Tom or Rachelle Sanderson at