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Women of Purpose 

Youth Empowerment Project Progress Report by Jane Opolot

Women of Purpose 1
The Youth Empowerment Project is a youth focused project at Woman of Purpose aimed at skilling young men and women with vocational and life skills to enable them become economically productive and self-sustaining.  The youth receive vocational skills in Carpentry, Bricklaying, Mechanics, Catering and Tailoring as well as basic training in business management skills to enable them exercise the culture of saving whatever little they earn.

Woman of Purpose is thankful to the St. Margaret’s Church Chipstead for the generous support towards this project. We are grateful for the love you have for the people of Pallisa and especially the youths. Some of the accomplishments resulting from the support from St. Margaret’s church Chipstead include the following;
1. Tailoring: Bringing hope to girls who have previously dropped out of school due to various reasons such as lack of funds, teenage pregnancy, early marriage, etc. During the training, students generate income by sewing school uniforms for pupils and students from the schools in the community as well as mending or fitting people’s clothes. Last academic year, seventy (70) girls completed the tailoring course and a number of them are now self-employed within Pallisa.  We have also trained the students to make re-useable sanitary pads, which are then distributed by Woman of Purpose to nearby schools.  We have been able to give over one thousand school girls re-usable pads. This has been made possible with support from Mooncathers  USA and individuals from St.Margaret’s Church Chipstead. We are particularly grateful to Miss Carol Thompson, Mrs Katy Deragon and  Mrs. Margaret Quaife.

Women of Purpose2

2. Brick Laying and Carpentry:
We currently have 35 students learning how to build, roof houses and make furniture. The number of people constructing houses has greatly increased over the past few years and this has led to a high demand for these skills.  Young men who used to be jobless and idle are now able to use their energy to earn a living. We have been blessed this year to have 2 schools allow our students take part in the construction of their classroom blocks. The pictures show the young men constructing a classroom block and fence at Ezel Primary School in Agule, Pallisa.  60 students completed their training last year 2018.

Women of Purpose 3

(3) Mechanics: Trainees at the Mechanics Section are also doing well. The most common means of transport in Uganda including Pallisa is motorcycles (locally known as boda boda.) Motorcycles break down quite often due to the bad state of the roads. Hence this has created demand for these skills in many areas and also the students and instructors are able to supplement their income by repairing broken down motorcycles.  40 youths have so far successfully completed their training.

(4) Catering: The Catering School is at its initial stage. However, the trainee girls are a great help at the Wates Restaurant where they help with the preparation and serving of meals especially during big events like when we host visitors at Woman of Purpose.

(5)  The Girl Child: Woman of Purpose supports the girl child, encouraging these little ones to pursue education by recognizing those who excel. We provide school bursaries in the form of scholastic materials.

(6)  Football Teams: The Senior Team has first and second eleven while the Junior Team has only first eleven. The teams are doing quite well. We also use football matches to reach out to the many youths who show up for the games and the results have been tremendous.
We are indeed thankful to St. Margaret’s Church Chipstead, Access 4 UK and all the friends of Woman of Purpose who have generously supported our work over the years. May the good Lord abundantly bless and reward you all.

Women of Purpose 4
Some of the Youth training to be carpenters, shown here making a door.

Women of Purpose 5
Director, Woman of Purpose, talking to students about the importance of menstrual hygiene.

Women of Purpose 6
Woman of Purpose staff talking to Youths at a Woman of Purpose Seminar

Women of Purpose 7
The Girl Child (Young Youths) entertaining visitors at Wates Restaurant and Gardens

Here at St Margaret’s, we are proud to support the work they do, our mission representative is Katy Derragon, so if you would like to find out more, please do not hesitate to contact her.

Deborah Mathews, 19/04/2020
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We serve tea, coffee and biscuits after the service from 11.15am. It is a great way to meet people, or simply take time to find your bearings. All refreshments are free.

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What about my children?
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Children stay with their parent or grown-up at the start of the service for the welcome, songs, and notices. We really value worshipping God all together as a family. At the end of the notices someone will announce that it’s time for the younger members to go to their various groups. You will need to go with your children to their groups and register them as part of our child safety policy.

The children’s group activities vary depending on the age but usually there is a friendly welcome, bible stories, testimonies, praying, music, craft, drama, fun games, and free play. Please pick your children up as soon as the service finishes, usually around 11.15am.

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