Who's Who at St Margaret's?

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Hannah Gordon   JohnWates
Revd. Hannah Gordon (May 2023)
  Hon. Curate
Revd John Wates
Deborah Mathews3    
Parish and Financial Administrator
Deborah Mathews
  Property Manager
Andrew   madeline
Reader with PTO
Canon Andrew Britton
  Reader with PTO
Madeleine MacCallum
Sally Bowes   Jenny
Sally Bowes
Jen Smith
Libby   Sally
Director of Music
Libby Egwuba
  Weddings Co-ordinator
Sally Foxen
Perry Aug 22    
Health and Safety Officer
Perry Esparon
  Safeguarding Officer
Samantha Esparon
    Josh Askwith
Children and Families' Leader
  Youth and Communities Leader
Josh Askwith
Southwark Pastoral Auxiliary
Claire Mills
  Life Group Co-ordinators
Rachelle & Tom Sanderson