APCM 2020/2021 Administration 

 St Margaret’s Church APCM will be held on Monday 19th March at 7.30pm by Zoom please email admin for the link
Dear All,
Nobody would argue that the last year has been challenging, but it has also helped us gain a different perspective on life and to consider what is truly important.  Not everything will return to the way it was, which carries with it both pros and cons.  We have, in other words, been given the opportunity to make a new start and to consider what we want to omit and what we want to reincorporate, but also to identify the new initiatives to which we feel God is calling us. 
The Church is here to reach out to, and serve everybody in, our Community so that they may know the good news of, and be brought into, the Kingdom of God and then be nurtured so that they grow to maturity of faith.  So, this is an exciting time in which to get involved spiritually and practically in the growth of God’s church in this place.   And I am pleased to say that, having not had an APCM last year, this year we will have two concurrently and will, therefore, need to elect a minimum of 7 people to the PCC.  Which gives you a greater opportunity to be one of those who can help in the new formation of St Margaret’s as we prayerfully respond to the new challenges and opportunities wrought by the pandemic, but also to the recommendations raised by the John Truscott report as to how we can best be structured.
Usually, I would have had the opportunity to chat with people after services, but this has not been possible, so please complete the forms and send in nominations to Sally Bowes  within the next few days, as follows:
Church Wardens: Ray King is happy to restand, but Shirley has completed her maximum term of office – for which we thank her – we therefore need to elect a new Church Warden.
Deanery Synod Representatives: The term of office for our 3 representatives was completed last year, so we need to elect 3 Deanery Synod Representatives for a three-year term which started last year (effectively they will only have another 2 years to go).
PCC members: If you, are you interested in what goes on 'behind the scenes' at church and would like to help make strategic decisions on how St Margaret's will face the future?  The only commitment is to attend the six PCC meetings that are held each year.  The first term of office is for three years.  Meetings are usually held on a Monday evening in the Orchard, though of course they have been held on Zoom for the past year and will continue to be until restrictions are lifted.
It is good practice not to have too many coming onto the PCC at one time so, to keep some continuity going forward, we would like to elect 3 for a 3-year term for 2020, and a further 4 or 5 for 2021.
Nomination Forms
God is causing new things to grow; wouldn’t you like to be a part of this exciting opportunity?
With love in Christ, Susie
Annual Parochial Church Meetings 2020 /2021 Documents and Format
As you may remember, because of the Covid pandemic we were not able to hold an APCM last year. However, the Bishop of Southwark has granted churches in the diocese permission to hold both last year's and this year's APCMs consecutively on the same day: at any time before 31st May 2021.
First, the Vestry Meeting for 2020 will take place, followed by the 2020 APCM. When this is completed, we will then proceed with the 2021 Vestry Meeting and finally the 2021 APCM.
All those attending will be on mute while the meetings are in progress, but you can put your hand up (physically, not with an emoji) if you have a question regarding the Annual Reports and Accounts. It would however be appreciated if you could email these questions a few days in advance to make sure the evening runs as smoothly as possible. Any general questions should be asked at the 2021 meeting.
If a vote is required for any item, this will be done again by physically raising your hand and keeping it raised so that numbers can be counted successfully. If you have any questions about the meetings which I have not covered, please feel free to contact me.
Sally Bowes 
St Margaret's PCC Secretary
01737 554511
Electoral Roll - In accordance with Church of England regulations, Sally Bowes is obliged to publish that a revision of the Electoral Roll will take place in advance of the APCMs in April.  A new electoral roll was produced in 2019, but if anyone wishes to check that they are on this roll, please contact Sally Bowes as soon as possible. The list is also currently displayed in the church porch.
St Margaret’s Church Reports and Accounts for 2020 and 2021 are available for both perusal and download on our website, link below. If you are unable to access these, please let me know and I can arrange for you to have a hard copy.

2019 APCM Minutes
2019 APCM Vestry Minutes

2020 Agenda
2021 Agenda


Deborah Mathews, 11/04/2021