Activities for Each Day of Holiday Club 2020.
Lego and 'Let God' 


Build a firm foundation in Christ
Make a Giant LEGO head
*This may be MESSY
Decorate a jar to look like a giant Lego head. Jesus knows each of us. We are all different and we are all special. He wants to know us and for us to know him!
Build cardboard bricks and decorate them
Each of us is different but to be strong we need a firm foundation in Christ
Lego brick biscuits
*Close supervision required
*This may be MESSY
Make square or rectangular biscuits like Lego bricks and use smarties to decorate.
*you will need to add an egg and butter to the ingredients provided
Find a firm foundation
Build a pyramid tower on different surfaces using cups - Whats the best surface?  What are the different foundations we build our lives on?  What makes a firm foundation?
Build the tallest Lego tower
How tall can you make your Lego tower?
How could you measure it?
The stronger the base, the taller it can be.
Treasure Hunt around prayer stones
Jesus said he was many things to us and for us and he calls us to follow him.
Follow the clues around the churchyard and complete the activities and challenges along the way.
Build it together –
We are the body of Christ. We stick together with Him and each other
Hama Bead coaster
*Close supervision required
What design will you create?  When you melt the beads they stick together - we all can stick together in fellowship with Jesus.
The LEGO movie it talks about everything being awesome when you are part of a team. In the second film- when 'everything's not awesome'...we can make it better when we stick together!
Lego Friendship Bracelets                       
Fellowship is like friendship. 
Make your bracelet and think about who your friends are and thank God for them.
Stick together cakes
*Close supervision required
*This may be MESSY
Everything is better when we stick together! Make these super sticky cakes using rice krispies and marshmallows. Think about what it means to stick together with other people.
Magnet chain                  
Use the magnet to create another magnet out of a paperclip.
How many paperclips can you attach to a magnet?
Can you make a chain?
Build a bridge out of Lego
Can you build a bridge?
You could try building it together with someone else
What do you think it means to build bridges between people?
Giant Painting at the Orchard
*This may be MESSY
Draw round someone in your household and paint it.
We can then use this to create a giant picture of Fellowship!
Deborah Mathews, 24/07/2020