The Online Alpha course starts on Tuesday 15th September 2020.
You are warmly invited to join. 
Here is a short video describing what the Alpha course is:
Each session will be on a Tuesday evening - starting at 8pm and finishing by 9.30pm. 
We will be using Zoom. 
There are 11 sessions, with a break for half term.
So, the course will run up to early December.
It is aimed for people who are curious about Christianity; wanting to know more, to ask questions and go deeper. 
But, if you are a Christian already - it’s also great to join - to explore further. 
We are putting it on for our local community and we hope we can meet in person once arrangements make it easier.  
But if you or your friend is in Canada or Cardiff or anywhere else - they could join too!
Everyone is welcome. 
The Alpha course is well known and has been around for more than 25 years.
Literally millions of people across the world have done it - including many people at St Margaret’s. 
It is a great opportunity to ask questions about Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the authority of the bible, God’s plan for your life, and so much more. 
To find out more and to register, please email alpha
We look forward to welcoming you. 


Deborah Mathews, 02/07/2020