Mission Partners

At St. Margaret’s we seek to partner with mission agencies both through prayer and finances to support their work around the world.  Below are our list of Mission partners, please click their logo's in order to open their websites and find out more.  Most of these partners are overseas but we do also partner with some organisations that are UK based outside of our parish.

We also have updates in church services around six times per year to find out up to date information about some of our partners.


DISCET was founded in 1998 in Freetown, Sierra Leone, while the Civil War was still raging. Since then, DISCET has trained over 400 church leaders in Evangelism, Church growth and effective preaching. DISCET promotes Counselling, Evangelism and Training to heal the wounds of the people of Sierra Leone, to show the way of the abundant life and to train people in skills to ensure that Sierra Leone becomes the praise of the earth.

Like most Anglican dioceses in England, the Diocese of Southwark has a strong overseas partnership link with another part of the worldwide Anglican Communion. Southwark’s link is with the Anglican Church in Zimbabwe, which is part of the Anglican Province of Central Africa.
Croydon Area is linked directly to the Anglican Diocese of Central Zimbabwe which is under the care of Bishop Ishmael Mukuwanda. Bishop Ishmael is a man of great integrity, who was previously a non-stipendary minister working as a mining engineer. He took a huge salary cut to become Bishop in 1999 .He worked hard before the recent crisis to make the diocese self sufficient, and that remains his long term goal.
The diocese covers 30,000 sq miles and 35 parishes  and Bishop Ishmael is based at St Patrick’s mission in a rural area an hour’s journey from the main town, Gweru. The diocese is directly responsible for 4 rural primary schools, St Patrick’s High school, a farm and a horticultural project and St Patrick’s hospital which is a clinic with 3 to 4 nurses at present but building is progressing towards establishing a hospital.Regular visits are made by clergy and laity in both directions. At St Margaret’s we do all we can to support this link.
Christian Aid has a vision – an end to poverty – and we believe that vision can become a reality.

It's full of human stories – of love, greed, joy, loss and passion. It's vital to our culture. It's part of the answer to the world's needs. It's cherished by billions of people around the world.  It's more than a book

At Welcare we work with children and families across South London and East Surrey. We help parents and carers use their strengths and skills to nurture happy and confident children.
We dream of a world in which every Christian who is persecuted is remembered and supported by other Christians

Renewed Hope Trust is an East Surrey based charity that exists to show our deep concern for the homeless and disadvantaged in the East Surrey area. In an atmosphere of love and compassion we seek to offer unconditional acceptance and respect to all.

Aim is Christ’s church fighting the ground war on sex trafficking in Cambodia. Our projects prevent, rescue, restore & reintegrate, impacting 10,000+ people a year.

At St Margaret’s we support Natasha and Brandon Butler who work with AIM in Siem Reap building up an outreach ministry to girls rescued from the sex trade.

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The mission of Woman of Purpose is to empower communities, especially women, to use their God-given potential and attributes to live purposeful lives.