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Whilst the main thrust of Romans 1-11 has been that we can be saved by the grace of God through faith.  Paul here delineates how we can live for God through Jesus: how we can respond in a way that is pleasing to him.  Read Romans. 12:1 – 8

What do you think is meant by ‘offer your bodies as a living sacrifice’?

1 Chronicles 29:14 says, Everything comes from you, and we have given you only what comes from your hand. What then can we give to God?     Is there anything we can give to him that he hasn’t first given to us?  Is there anything, therefore, that is really sacrificial giving on our part?

It has been said that how we spend our time and our money reflects what is important to us.  Take a look at your bank and/or credit card statement: on what is your greatest expenditure? 

Looking at the news how can we fail to be moved by compassion at the plight of those starving to death in the Yemen?  Are we willing to sacrifice a week’s food bill to feed a Yemini family for a few months?

Looking at the lives of those who are enslaved by addiction, trapped by fear, immobilised by depression, disempowered by feelings of worthlessness, or captivated, as was said in Vanity Fair, by ‘striving for that which is worth nothing’, are we willing to sacrifice our time and, possibly, face a little rejection or ridicule by sharing the good news of the Kingdom, so that others can be lifted from darkness into light?

Spend time reflecting on the sacrifice Christ made for you.


Merciful God, as we listen and watch the events unfolding throughout our world, the weak starving away to skin and bones with barely the strength to draw breath, generations traumatised by a lifetime of warfare, people deprived of their childhood by abuse, those robbed of their peace as they cannot find a way to break free of traumatic memories of what they have seen, or experienced, or done, help us to see what you have done for us and let us love as you love.  Let us never grow weary of lobbying MP’s, speaking out boldly against injustice, challenging the status quo, being as generous as you were with our time, talents and money, and never ceasing to intercede for others whilst also being your body in this world.  Amen